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Top 10 Dog Friendly Cities

http://dogstop10.com: Top 10 Dog Friendly Cities, from number 10 to number 1.

10. Indianapolis — Many historical sites, Nature preserves, trails and parks. Many of the cities tourist sites can be viewed with a dog.

9. New York — Luxury hotels welcome dogs, Central park beckons, off-leash parks everywhere. Shop the famous stores with your dog.

8. Alexandria/ Washington D.C. — See the capital’s sites, walk in charming Old Town, take a dog cruise on the Potomac.

7. Austin — Dog-Friendly parks. Outdoor cafes. Take tours and see the sites. See the Zilker Gardens and the Congress Street bats.

6. Minneapolis — Great hiking trails and parks, pet-friendly dining. A pet-friendly atmosphere throughout.

5. Philadelphia — Get a famous cheese steak. See historic early American sites and stay in a downtown luxurious hotel.

4. Seattle — Take public transportation with your leashed dog. Many pet-friendly venues in a dog-friendly city.

3. San Diego — The country’s best dog beaches and trails and world class pet-friendly shopping centers.

2. Chicago — Visit the Navy Pier, dine in elegance, cruise on a pet-friendly tour boat or walk the parks of the city.

Portland Oregon tops the list of the pet-friendliest vacation cities in the United States. Home to the famous and dog-friendly Rose Gardens and the Lucky Lab you and your dog would have a great time in Portland. These top cities are chosen for their pet-friendly accommodations, transportation, beaches, park, attractions, stores, dining and more.


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