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Dogs Health Problems

When Tasha, my one-year old Labrador, first came down with colds, I was almost frantic. I didn’t know what to do, and I didn’t know how to assess if her ailment was already at its worst. My daughter kept telling me Tasha kept to herself and preferred to stay in bed for most of the day. And so we kept a close watch during the first night, keeping her warm with a blanket and setting clean water nearby. A good friend also informed me to keep giving Tasha fluids and feed her milk whenever she would feel like eating something. This would enable her to regain her health and energy. True enough, Tasha felt way better when morning came. But just to make sure, we paid a visit to her veterinarian and asked for some vitamins that she could take. Pet owners’ first consideration is their pets’ over-all health. Like …

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