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Fueling Your Agility Dog

The debate rages on about whether or not Domestic Dogs are Carnivores or Omnivores. A few fringe voices even declare that dogs do better on a Herbivore diet. At the heart of the matter for the Agility Dog is not the label that their diet wears, but what kinds of nutrition and energy sources do they digest, metabolize, and burn best. Agility Dogs need the most potent and efficiently processed sources that they can find. The answer might better be found not in Scientific Debate, but by inviting our dogs to share their opinions about what they WANT to eat. I’ve listened to my 3 dogs. And they’ve told me that given the opportunity to choose between Meat & Fat, Vegetables, Fruit, & Grains, they will choose Meat & Fat every time. Debate Over. I’ve done plenty of academic research on this matter as well, as I think all dog …

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