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Pay Attention to Your Dog Nutrition Problems

What to Feed Your Dog Depends on Age

Having the right nutrients for your puppy plays a crucial role in their health that you may not see until later in life. Malnutrition can cause dental disease, diabetes, gastrointestinal or digestive orders, and even kidney and liver disease. Although some of the conditions may have been unavoidable regardless of the nutrients your dog got, the risk increases without proper dog nutrition and weight management. Older dogs have increased risks for cancer and arthritis than can cause mobility issues as well as urinary tracts infections and bladder stones. Dog food that contain magnesium and phosphate are the leading minerals that cause the urine acidity to increase leading to these types of problems. It doesn’t mean that your pets food cannot contain this ingredients at all, but that they should not be in excessive amounts.


Not Just Dog Food – The Right Dog Food

When it comes to buying food for your dog, are you aware of what the food contains? Many pet owners are not aware of the nutrients that dogs need. Even fewer are aware that the age and type of dog may require nutrients depending on the age as well. Nutrients play a huge role in the health of a dog. However, it can play part in the behavior of your pet just as much as their health. There are six nutrients every dog will need to stay health such as water, protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

Regardless of the brand of food you choose, it should contain approximately 50% protein and 50%. The ingredients you need to avoid are grains, wheat, and any other type of filler. Usually, the higher the protein, the better quality food. Other types of food can be included in your dogs food such as barley and brown rice. However, this is only if the percentages are not in high amounts. The best foods are

ones made of human grade ingredients. It offers the most nutrition with the least preservatives and are natural. A general rule of thumb is that if you would not eat it, don’t feed it to your dog. Malnutrition can be seen in the weight and size of your dog. However, this is not always the cases and there may not be any signs in their size.


Hair Loss and Skin Issues Depend on Both Ingredients and Nutrients

Allergic dermatitis is a very common condition that many dog owners will face. The symptoms include irritated and flaky skin. Usually, you will notice more scratching and licking. Over time, hair will start to thin and in some cases fall out. This can occur if the dog does not have enough fatty acids or too much protein in their diet. Proteins are essentially a good thing for dogs. Not having enough protein can trigger allergic dermatitis as well as having a lack of the essential fatty acids every dog needs. Before assuming that simply buying a higher priced well known brand means a better type of food, it’s best to check the ingredients regardless of price and brand. Although it could be a malnutrition issues for the skin condition to occur, it is always best to consult a veterinarian to be sure.

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