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Another 12 Reasons Why Dog People Are Crazy


Here’s another 12 reasons why dog people are crazy. From talking in an high pitched voice to having more dog parties than human parties, are you a crazy dog person?

  • 1. You love your dog more than your spouse. Oops!
  • 2. There’s always an audience when you’re having breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a snack.
  • 3. You talk to your pooch like they understand every word.
  • 4. You save all of your plastic bags for later use as poop bags.
  • 5. Your dog occupies 70% of the bed. YOUR bed. Or so it once was.
  • 6. You try to yell at them but melt into a pile of goop when they give you “that look”.
  • 7. You have a crippling addiction to documenting your dog’s every move.
  • 8. When you try to sneak their meds in their food, you feel like a certified doctor.
  • 9. You LOVE them no matter what even when they play hide-and-seek with your things…
  • 10. … or, when you have to explain funny smells when you have company.
  • 11. You miss them more than you miss your human family.
  • 12. You LOVE them with all your heart no matter how big they get because they’re still your babies!


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